Meet the Team

Team Moran is comprised of three Portlanders with Windermere Realty Trust who love their city and love helping people find the perfect home within it. Susie, Matt and Mila have the knowledge and experience it takes to make your buying or selling a home a smooth, rewarding and successful transaction. Their expansive team of Portland contacts is on standby to help with every facet of the real estate transaction from start to finish, whether it be fully preparing a house to sell or making the finishing touches to help turn a just-purchased house into a dream home.

Susie Hunt Moran is a seasoned listing agent who lists and sells homes with an average of just 7 days on the market. With 10 years in the business, Susie has a deep appreciation for the myriad microcultures of Portland and the many styles of homes – old and new – that the city has to offer. She’s a Principal Broker and a master at getting potential buyers into a house.

Mila Leissler is an Earth Advantage S.T.A.R. Certified Broker. This ‘green’ training gives Mila the tools to help suggest fixes to drastically lower the carbon footprint of a home which appeals to Portland buyers and sellers alike. Her experience with Portland homes (and the surrounding area) runs the gamut from older Craftsmans to modern lofts to multiplexes. Mila is also bilingual (in Russian) and has worked with many international clients. She is prompt, personable and there isn’t a problem she can’t fix!

Matt Moran is a Full Service Broker and a clear communicator whose efficiency with multitasking can get a house ready for market within a week. He is friendly and patient and enjoys helping everyone, whether it be guiding first-time buyers through every step of the process or helping long-time homeowners either downsize or upgrade.

We would be honored to help you sell your house or find the perfect one.